About the 3 Footed Monster

About The 3 Footed Monster

The 3 Footed Monster is a high quality simple and robust magnetic mount with a multitude of uses.


Is there always that one shot you wished you’d been able to get, but your mount wouldn’t work?

Have you needed to mount a light or a flash on a pole, a fence, under the fender on a car so a mechanic can see what they’re doing better? 

The Monster's creators are die hard Camera and Car junkies. We  needed something so we built it. With over 10 years R+D, we decided it was time to unleash the 3 FOOTED MONSTER. It's been out being tested by TV industry professionals, YouTubers, TikTok creators and Videographers. 

We tested it in the field, on cars, on bikes, on rusty old fences. We shot the news with it. We’ve shot car racing. You name it we tested it. Big Rigs? we used 4 of them. Small  rigs just one. It did its job above and beyond. Now we want everyone else to have the same fun we’ve had!


With feedback from vendors and consumers, we are continually seeking to improve upon our product to suit the needs of users. Whether used for fun, or business purposes, we are currently working to enhance our product offering in order to suit demand.  

 About Us - 3 Footed Monster

Get yourself a 3 FOOTED MONSTER, the simple, compact and versatile magnetic mount that can go where the others can't!


For any questions about our product, or instructions including warranty and returns, please contact us via email at: monster@3footedmonster.com.

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