3 Footed Monster videos

3 Footed Monster Videos

Check out videos of the 3 Footed Monster featuring customer submitted videos, product reviews and testing results, you can find them here. Don't forget to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Featured Video

Big thanks to FullBOOST for letting us show them the 3 Footed Monster recently. 

Customer Submitted Videos

Here's a great customer submitted video recently sent to us. Cruising in Vern.

Some great action shots taken recently in Arizona with the 3 Footed Monster in tow. 

Product Review Videos

Tatum from The Adelaide Set took a small leap out of her comfort zone and decided to do her very first product review about The 3 Footed Monster


Hayden Wilby from Fitzroy Motorsports in New Zealand puts the 3 Footed Monster though its paces.


Just a HERO takes the 3 Footed Monster out for a spin in Romania.


Check out this great 3 Footed Monster review by motorcycle influencer Ash Ivory.


4x4AU took the 3 Footed Monster out on a road trip and shared this great product review.


 Product Testing Videos


The magnetic strength of the 3 Footed Monster is truely in a class of its own as shown below.

Speaking of strength, the 3 Footed Monster is really tough, as described by a user who literally drove over it while out on location. Here's what he had to say about the 3 Footed Monster as compared with other mounts he's used before.


3 Footed Monster Action Videos

Whether you're into action, drifting, working out in the gym, or whatever you'll find heaps of use for this truely versatile mount. In fact, you don't even need to just mount a camera to it. Users have easily attached lighting, microphones and more! 


Do you have a great 3 Footed Monster video to share? Let's get in touch!