3 Footed Monster FAQs

3 Footed Monster FAQs

Q: What are the main uses for this mount?
A: Being magnetic, its' main uses are basically unlimited. This universal magnetic mount can be used with a wide variety of items too. Use it for a phone, a camera, a light and flash... even a dial indicator when you're busy machining. You can stick it on a bench, a pole, a wall under steel racking, on a forklift, a bulldozer, your gym equipment, the list goes on! Please tell us about more mounting ideas and we'll add them!

Q: How large is the phone mount? Will it hold an iPhone Pro Max?
A: It sure does. Here’s one with a Life-proof cover on it

Q: Is it speed rated? Car I put it on my race car?
A: Whilst we have done a large amount of testing on our own vehicles and we know the magnets are super strong (each being rated to 10kg pull force on 10mm thick steel), due to the nature of magnets we can not offer any specific rating as every car has a different thickness metal (some aren't even magnetic), some have been in collisions and have panel filler, thick paint and in the case of race cars, can have numerous layers of vinyl graphics. All we can say is that it's not recommended if you love your POV camera and we can't accept responsibility for damaged cameras. What we will accept responsibility for is all that cool shots you get in the workshop building the car, when it gets painted, when you put the engine in, time-lapse shots of all the sponsors logos going on, when you run it on a dyno and any other crazy awesome ideas you come up with.

That being said, the 3 Footed Monster design includes a handy slot in the mount for lanyards or security strap to ensure that if the base should come loose, your camera or attached device is still secured. 

Q: I saw you removing the 3 Footed Monster from a car with force required. Won’t the feet scratch painted surfaces?
A: Because it's multi-angle magnets and not a single one, you can lever them off surfaces. As per the instructions that come with the mount, it is suggested that you exercise caution when doing so as anything coming into contact with painted surfaces can damage it. If you do put it on painted surfaces though, you need to ensure the feet are clean (as you would with a suction cup), but you can also put something like a microfibre cloth under it.

Q: Your price level is higher than other mounts.
A: This is a professional grade mount which is CNC machined and built to high standards. The base is CNC machined in Australia from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminium and has a high quality anodised finish. The ball head is a high quality machined 6061 aluminium component and the strong neodymium magnets are coated in a hard wearing rubber. All three bolts and springs are high quality stainless steel. We pride ourselves on the quality of this product, so it can't really be compared to cheap plastic mounts.

Q: Where do you ship from and how long will my order take to arrive?
A: Currently we ship from Australia using Australia Post with tracking. Delivery wise, we are somewhat at the mercy of the postal systems with postage times, but what we do on our end if always process orders as fast as possible.

What happens if my package doesn't arrive? 
A: We will always assist with tracking as we hate seeing packages get lost in the mail. Sadly it happens and it's out of our control, but we will always follow up to try finding it. Due to the fact that Australia Post will only automatically insure packages to the value of A$100, we can only offer the same compensation if one does get misplaced, yet if you do want to pay the additional amount for full coverage, please let us know and we can accomodate this.    

Q: Can I cancel an order if I change my mind?
A: It is possible, depending on how far the order has processed. If the postage has already been initiated and it has been collected, we usually can't stop the order. Yet if it hasn't been collected, we can cancel the order, but are unable to refund the postage.  

Note also from the Australia Post website
There have been a number of suspended services due to flight cancellations and government restrictions because of COVID-19 and the situation is evolving daily. To ensure that you are able to lodge your international product in to Australia Post's delivery network, we encourage you to lodge on the same day that you purchase your postage to avoid any inconvenience due to further suspension of international services.

For the latest information and updates on impacts to international, please visit our website.

For any questions about our product, or instructions including warranty and returns, please contact us via email at: monster@3footedmonster.com.

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