Instructions and Warranty

3 Footed Monster - Instructions

You can mount anything you like on the 3 Footed Monster that has a 1/4 unc thread and place it on a metallic surface, or stand upright on a flat surface. Then aim whatever you've mounted on it in the desired direction and lock the ball head off using the adjacent turn-screw.

Each 3 Footed Monster comes with two additional attachments, a camera mount and phone clamp that can be used to attach any sized smart phone, GoPro, regular camera, or just about anything you want!



  • Do not over-tighten the ball head. It doesn't take a lot of force to lock it in place and over-tightening will damage the ball and cause the rotation to feel sticky and not smooth anymore, possibly even jamming it.
  • We recommend REGULARLY checking the countersunk bolts that hold the magnets on as over time vibrations can cause these to loosen. If you intend to use the 3 Footed Monster in high vibration situations (ie: on a car) we suggest you use red Loctite on the bolt threads.    
  • As the feet are magnetic, these attract small metallic particles. It is your choice if you intend on mounting the 3 Footed Monster on painted surfaces. If you do so, try to ensure that the feet are clean or even put a thin cloth or a separation layer which won't affect the magnetic force in between. We won't be responsible for you scratching up the paint on your new car!


  • Warranty on this item is subject to a full return and inspection.
  • Buyers must pay for the return shipping cost if initiating any warranty claims.
  • Warranty return instructions and Refund Policy can be found here.
  • Individual faulty parts can be replaced, but the entire product must be returned for inspection and repair.
  • If the mount has bee dropped or damaged due to misuse, the warranty is void.
  • Given the nature and potential usage of this product, warranty is given 30 days from purchase.
  • All warranty claims must be accompanied by a receipt or full proof of purchase. 

For any questions about our product, or instructions including warranty and returns, please contact us via email at:

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