Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Car Mounts

Using a cell phone while driving can be super risky. For the people who tend to use cell phones while driving, then you can invest in a magnetic car phone mount. With the magnetic car phone mount, you can secure your phone to your window or your dashboard, at your convenience. For you, we have brought a guide that will tell you everything about magnetic car mounts.

Why should you buy a magnetic car mount

Here are a few reasons for you to buy a magnetic car mount
  • Remain safe when driving Quite often it becomes hard to resist replying to a text or answering a phone call. With a magnetic phone mount, you will be less likely to take off your eyes from the road.
  • Make important calls while driving If you spend a few hours in traffic but your business or personal calls are important, the dashboard mobile phone holder will make it easier.
  • Keep your phone in a place Rather than digging through your wallet, pocket, or the entire car to locate your ringing phone, with a cell phone magnet mount you can keep the phone on your eye level.

Types of phone car mount

Magnetic car mounts come in different types. These types differ as they are made to place in different areas of the vehicle

Dashboard and windshield mount-

Dashboard and windshield are among the few common dashboards magnetic phone holders. The mount adheres to the surface with glue such as a 3M adhesive. However, the surface area needs to be flat.

Air vent mount

Some phone mounts are designed to be placed in the air vents of your car. For this, the vents of your car need to be strong enough. A benefit of using an air vent mount is there are few air vents and options for you to keep the phone in your convenient spot. 

CD mounts

Though today no vehicle has an option of a CD player, it is also an option. However, if compared to other types of mount, the CD player mount is less convenient.

Features of magnetic phone car mount

There are a few key features of magnetic phone mount for you to understand
  • Phone compatibility It is the primary requirement and you should keep this in mind while buying a magnetic mount. The gadget needs to be compatible with your phone otherwise it won't work.
  • Scratch protection A good magnetic dashboard mount won’t let your car and your cell phone get damaged. Some mounts are made of silicon and hence it prevents scratches on your phone or dashboard. Rubber clips help to protect the air vents when they hold the magnet.
  • Best brand of recommendation There are numerous brands of phone car mounts that come in different shapes and designs. Among them, magnetic gopro mount is said to be a better option for magnetic car mounts. 


The magnetic phone car mount is a good gadget that would protect you from unmindful driving as know you can receive calls while driving preventing danger.