Magnetic Camera and Phone Mount

The universal magnetic mount that gives you the freedom to shoot great looking footage anywhere, quickly and simply.

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  • Rechargeable Portable Video LED Light to use with your 3 Footed Monster!
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Since 2008, the video by DSLR feature has come a long way. Indie cinema and Youtube space have witnessed the evolutionary saga where DSLRs went mirrorless; HD and FullHD got replaced by 4K/8K, and last but not least where entire productions were shot with just a bunch of smartphones. 

An iconic example would be the revolutionary phone camera technology of the iPhone. Since the iPhone 11 Pro launched, the filmmaking and video production space have gone haywire. The immense amount of possibilities and opportunities it offers has led to the rise of a shedload of phone camera equipment and accessories. 

One of the specialties of the iPhone, along with its cinematic capabilities, is its ruggedness. This quality makes it the perfect piece of gear to shoot complex action sequences and other difficult shots with the aid of a few specialized mounts. We proudly present you the 3 Footed Monster Magnetic phone mount that will enable capturing complex shots on your phone with ease, like never experienced before. The 3 Footed Monster Magnetic Phone Mount is built from the creators’ point of view to offer better flexibility and durability. Shop the best magnetic phone mount there is for the best price now.

High-Quality Car Mount for GoPro

One of the best ways to shoot action footage, like a car’s POV, would be to use a reliable action camera with a highly functional and stable rig system. 

Sometimes these rigs can get super complex, expensive and time-consuming to set up. Our high-quality car mount for GoPro cameras is an answer to these common problems that budget filmmakers and creators face almost daily. 

Years of research and testing have finally made it possible for us to offer creators one of the best GoPro car mount systems designed to be durable, reliable, and easy to use. It is a genius piece of engineering that simplifies the production processes at unmatched levels, thanks to its patent-protected multi-angle magnet design, enabling creators to set up and shoot in one go, saving significant amounts of time and money. 

The 3 Footed Monster GoPro car mount is intended to be a staple gear for video producers looking for a fast solution to get amazing shots on the go or even in a professional setting by avoiding unnecessary assembling and setup hassles. The integrated ball mounting system rotates around a full 360-degree axis and vertically, allowing maximum versatility when adjusting to achieve your desired angle. 

All the above features make our 3 Footed Monster car mount for GoPro the simplest but the best choice to get those shots that are otherwise considered super expensive and near impossible to capture.