Critical Beginner Suggestions For Using GoPro Cameras

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that GoPro cameras are the perfect devices to capture our exciting stories and adventures on the go so that we can relieve them as memories later on. GoPro cameras are extremely versatile and even filmmakers use them to capture various action sequences in movies. 

However, if you’re new to the world of GoPro cameras and have just recently obtained a new GoPro camera with a GoPro mount of your choice, then the following set of beginner tips & tricks will help you learn the basics in no time.

Beginner Recommendations For Using GoPro Cameras

  1. Always Plan Your Shots Beforehand

The first step to improving your GoPro-shot videos is to plan them.  When you plan your shots, you will be able to tell a better story to your viewers. So, instead of trying to press the record button every time, spend some time observing the surroundings around you. It can be possible that you might notice new lighting combinations or camera angle opportunities, which you can utilise to your advantage.

Some tips on how you can plan your shots:

  • Your story in the video that you capture is key. Ensure that the story has an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Know about different camera movements and angles. 
  • Know the ideal time of the day to shoot your videos/photos. 
  • In case you want to create complex videography, remember to create a storyboard.
  • If you have a specific idea, don’t hesitate to preview the same. If the idea works, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, you need to opt for alternatives. 
    1. Don’t Forget To Use The Correct Settings

    Once you've planned what you're going to shoot with your GoPro camera, it's time to get your camera ready for filming. Even though the auto mode in GoPro cameras does a fine job, it's always suggested that you learn the settings and adjust them according to your needs. By mastering the settings of your GoPro camera, you'll be able to use your camera to its full potential. 

    Some must know camera settings are as follows:

  • Frame rate settings for the type of film you’re shooting, either fast-paced or slow-paced. 
  • Low light & ISO settings for the current light conditions of the area.
  • Stabilisation & field of view settings for the environment you’re shooting the video.
  • Resolution settings for the playback device.
    1. Keep Your Videos Short

    When you're just starting with your GoPro camera and a magnetic phone mount, try to keep your videos short & to the point. You don't want your amateur self to record something that's not worth seeing by others. By keeping your videos short, your videos will be less prone to mistakes and thus make them easy for others to enjoy.

    Start your video capture process by setting a timer for only 30 seconds. Then proceed to record multiple 30-second videos. Later onwards, select the ones that look the best to you and then use a good video editor to merge those 30-second clips for the best possible results. Use some good video effects and transitions to make the video look attractive. 

    Once you're accustomed to your GoPro camera, proceed to increase your timeframe. 

    If you have any further questions, feel free to share the same with us.