Are Magnetic Car Phone Mounts Safe For Use For Your Smartphone?

Car mounts are the newest gadgets in the market. Not many people are using these devices at present time. The gadgets are mounts that can be used for holding your smartphone, GPS and car cams in their place. The mounts are easy to install and use magnetic power to clip to the vehicle body or the dashboard.

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What can you use the mounts for?

The good thing about using the three stand mounts is that you can adjust its grip size. The mount makes use of a strong magnet to hold other gadgets or devices in place. So it is possible to use the mounts for holding the dash cams, outside car camera units, mobile devices, smartphones, GPS or even your iPods.

It offers you a hands-free option. So if you are participating in the car rally, then you can easily install a mounting stand and record the entire rally using a camera installed outside the vehicle. You can also install the same amount on the dashboard and use the smartphone as a dashcam.

Does the mount affect the phone memory?

When speaking of mounting devices, you come across a word – magnetic. People often feel that a magnetic field might affect the performance of the nearby device. Earlier, this was true as traditional smartphones stored data in the form of magnetic fields.

But today, technology is advanced. Cell phones and GPS devices no longer store data in the form of magnetic fields of packets. So it is obvious that when you use the mounting stand to hold the smartphone, its memory does not get affected.

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Does the phone screen get affected?

This is yet another myth that people who do not use smartphone mounts often believe in. The fact is that the magnet of the mount does not come in direct contact with the screen of the smartphone. If there is no direct contact then the screen cannot get affected.

So you can trust that if your smartphone is resting on the phone mount stand, then it is safe. You may not feel the screen gets distorted at any time.

Can the phone fall?

One thing true about these devices is that they guarantee performance. The gadget makes use of a very strong magnet. The back of the smartphone is in direct contact with the magnet. There is no way your cell phone may fall.

The same stand is also used for holding the car camera in the sports vehicles during the rallies. You just have to ensure that you have selected the best device.